Environmental, Social and Governance


The Group is committed to the long-term sustainability of its businesses and the communities with which it engages and operates. The Group pursues this business approach by managing business prudently and executing management decisions with due care and attention. The Group is also committed to making continuous improvements in corporate environmental protection and social responsibility, which include establishing dedicated management team and assigning designated staff to enforce and supervise the implementation of relevant policies to manage issues such as environmental protection, energy saving, waste reduction and health and safety. The Group is pleased to present the Social Responsibility Report to demonstrate its efforts on sustainable commitment and development.

Stakeholder Engagement

Continuous dialogue is maintained with stakeholders that include customers, employees, regulators and the public. The Group seeks to balance the views and interests of these various stakeholders and the communities through constructive conversations on the long-term prosperity of the Group. To conduct the Group’s materiality assessment in identifying and understanding the main concerns and material interests of various stakeholders regarding the Social Responsibility Report, the Group has engaged with its stakeholders to do a materiality assessment survey on a yearly basis. Stakeholders with high influence and high dependence on the Group were selected by the management of the Group and have been invited to express their views and concerns on major social and environment issues through online survey.

After assessing the feedback from stakeholders, the Group has reviewed sustainability strategies, practices and measures undertaken and highlighted material and relevant aspects throughout the Annual Report so as to align with the stakeholders’ expectations. For the latest Social Responsibility Report, the Group identified Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emission, water consumption, product service and quality assurance, occupational health and safety issues as material concerns to the stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

In recent decades, environmental protection issues are becoming more and more important as a result of global climate change, air and water pollution caused by human activities. The Group takes the responsibility to curb global warming and strives to protect the environment by integrating a range of environmental initiatives across business. The Group is committed to minimizing the impact of business operation by reinforcing environmental awareness among staff and implementing a series of measures (such as 3R Principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) for the responsible use of resources, energy saving and waste management in daily office operation as further described in the Social Responsibility Report.